What We Do

We work for businesses - maybe for the owners, a director or an investor.

We are specialists in dealing with the legal issues which affect businesses.

We have gathered significant expertise working exclusively in the commercial and corporate legal field for over 15 years.

We apply our expertise with the practical experience gained from working with emerging businesses and major global businesses.

We are pragmatic, and always work towards the best outcome for our clients.

We are very competitive.

If specialist corporate or commercial legal expertise is required, we often act as specialist consultants when there is a need, and work alongside your existing legal team.

Some examples of the work we do include:

  • Selling or Buying a Business in a Corporate Structure;
  • Implementing complex corporate structures which are very often tax driven, and we work closely with your tax advisors;
  • Helping Emerging Businesses to establish themselves in accordance with best practice but always bearing in mind that budgets are very tight;
  • Advising the Founders/Directors of a business who is raising finance;
  • Advising Businesses and negotiating contracts e.g. Outsourcing contracts, licensing arrangements.
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